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This is a simple, natural pumpkin flavor. No overbearing clove, or a ton of other spices.   Simple, straight forward pumpkin flavor. 

Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 2%

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring


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4 reviews for VSO Pumpkin

  1. Tim. V

    I’m not a fan of pumpkin anything but this one found its way into my cart and on to my mixing station. Another 100% accurate and natural pumpkin flavor . If i was to build a pumpkin recipe of anything.. this pumpkin alone would be the base I would build upon. Pumpkin sugar cookie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte… possibilities are endless really.

  2. deb1003

    My one and only fav pumpkin.. Just straight up pumpkin .. No spices , so feel free to add your cinn and spices your way …which btw are also sold here… I’ve used it at 3% and 5% .. Depending on what your adding to it..
    A must have for Fall and holiday season.. A great addition to ry4!

  3. whthek (verified owner)

    This was the first pumpkin flavor I’ve tried. Tested at 3%, on my Goon 1.5 with a single .2ohm 3 core build, at 42W. A slight clove taste on the knuckle didn’t present itself in the vape, but a spot on pumpkin meat makes this concentrate perfect to build from the ground up. Worked nicely at 2% in a sugar cookie recipe, with another fruit.

  4. SessionDrummer (verified owner)

    **Pumpkin (VSO) 3% (12-1-21)** — I’ve read TWO different takes on this flavor. 1. Naked, Raw Pumpkin Meat. 2. Pumpkin Filling w./ Spice. Now, what makes this hard, is I’ve never eaten raw Pumpkin. I mean does anybody do that ?? I have however, mowed down many a Pumpkin Pie, so let’s see what’s what. OK, to my tastes, this was not a pure, raw (just) Pumpkin, as it presented more of a Pumpkin Filling. Now it wasn’t overly pumpkin-ly, but it was still very present. I did get a little spice from it, maybe clove, maybe nutmeg, but it was blurry enough to avoid absolute detection, but I did get some, and I’m leaning towards nutmeg. It was about mid-level sweet, and it did have an overall smooth-ness, which implied a slight creamy-ness, almost like (you guessed it), a Pumpkin Filling. Now, even though again, it didn’t SCREAM Pumpkin, it was very implied, and it was quite good. I could see maybe punching in some other Pumpkin Spice, some crust, and maybe some cinna/nutmeg to really push it up. As it stood, it was a very satisfying flavor, and very full, and almost rich, just by itself. Hell you could indeed use this solo, and you wouldn’t be completely wanting, which was interesting. My take was not a raw pumpkin, but a very good pumpkin filling, that you could easily move into a full pumpkin pie, very easily. Tastily placing this at a **9.2/10**.


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