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This is 15ml of undiluted, PG free blueberry extract.

This is no PG added, undiluted flavoring and should be used at .15 to .5% median range of use.

A little can go a long way, and use higher than recommended can cause a harsh, unpalatable taste.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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3 reviews for VSO Blueberry Raw

  1. SessionDrummer

    **Blueberry Raw (VSO) 0.3% (11-25-21)** — Just in case you missed it, I was VERY smitten with Shane’s Original Blueberry ….

    **Blueberry (VSO) 5% (8-28-20)** – Alright, alright, ALRIGHT, let’s kick this OFF !!! First one on deck from Shane over at VSO. Brand new MFG for me, and not seeing a ton of info on them, felt it was right to look into them. Huge Medicine Flower fan, so when I saw natural extracts, I signed up. OUT of the gate, the very FIRST impression I got was it was very similar TO MF. No surprise right, natural extracts, right ? It wasn’t a MF BB clone, but a VERY good Blueberry. At 5% it felt pretty good, even, and strong, and it presented as a fairly COMPLEX BB. Absent were any off putting musky notes that some BB’s have, and it did a good job of capturing the ENTIRE BB experience, top to bottom. It had low notes, plenty of mid notes, and just enough of the high end, which included some bright punch, that you could almost get from the skin. Wow, let’s vape some more of this one… Yeah, that’s a good one. It’s complex in so much that every time you vape it, it presents just a bit different, which makes it a great vape, even solo. It didn’t seem to ride ONE line, i.e. pure natural, candied, jammed, etc. but had elements of all, which again, added to the complexity of it. Sweetness was about mid level, and despite CHAIN vaping this one, I just couldn’t find any take offs. An interesting thing I noticed, was when vaping, the initial vape leaned sweeter, but as you continued and exhaled, the tart picked up a smidge. For my FIRST VSO flavor, color me impressed. For a beautiful well rounded BB, that is fairly complex with just the right amount of sweetness, and tart, you might just be surprised with this one, and glad you picked it up. Finishing the tester on this one. Due to my complete inability to find anything I didn’t like with this one, placing it at **10/10** .

    ……. and this one just continued that trend, almost identically, except at 0.3% it was more relaxed than the aforementioned. I think I might re-try this one at 0.5% as well, just to see. Literally almost verbatim to the Blueberry, with a very enveloping Blueberry experience from top to bottom of a very natural, clean, accurate blueberry. No musk, no fuss, nothing off-putting. If you’ve never tasted a really clean, natural (extract) blueberry and have been using artificial ones, you really need to try one, and probably this one, because the experience you get with a great natural one, blows away any/every artificial one away. Sweetness was below mid-level, and the room note on this one, was utterly stupid, as an added bonus. As with the Blueberry, couldn’t find any takeoffs, but at 0.3% it felt like it was lacking a little presence, which could probably easily be solved by pushing to 0.5%. As it stood at this testing weight, would place it nicely at **9.5/10**.


  2. whthek

    Another very good version of Blueberry, this one remind’s me of the saying ‘a little dab’ll do ya’. Tested at .2, and .4%,(Yes, that’s a ‘point’ in front of both of those test weight’s) Blueberry Raw land’s right in Super Concentrate territory, with natural, ripe BB aplenty. Albeit sufficient at either rate, it would depend on your taste’s, as there will be enough potency for some, as a main note at .2%, with a medium sweetness that ebb’s and flow’s from hit to hit. Nicely done, Shane!

  3. Hal Grunwell

    Absolutely amazing, the entire raw collection, exactly what I want in a concentrate. The Blueberry RAW does not dissapoint. .6% Blueberry RAW VSO coupled with 1% of Blueberry MF is blueberry heaven for me.

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