Differences between Raw and Xtreme

Everything starts with an ethanol extraction. The easy explanation: Mix good stuff with ethanol, let it steep and filter it out. That final product is the raw version. Raws will generally be a bit lighter in color and have a much rounder flavor. The regular flavors are the raw placed into a PG base, generally at around a 20% ratio. (20% raw 80% PG) The Xtremes take the raw and distill out the ethanol. The remaining super concentrated flavor is combined with biobased PG to form a flavor concentrate that is significantly more potent than the other two products.

The regular flavors are going to be more mild. They tend to be a little more basey, and are better suited to a bit higher ratio in a mix (4-8%) This is the lightest colored product.

The raws are going to generally have a fuller range of flavor. They have significantly more nuanced flavor profile. They are suited at a 2% starting point. They are generally going to be a darker than the regular flavors.

The Xtremes are a very super concentrated flavor. They are going to be significantly more realistic. They tend to accentuate the mid and high notes of a flavor. General starting point for them is around .5%. You can literally put one drop of an Xtreme in a 30ml and have it be a prominent flavor. Xtremes will be the darkest colored product.

Each process gives you a different outcome. Each flavor can be pushed to achieve your flavor profile. They won’t get “funky” or have any off notes if you want to push them really high. If you are a fan of blueberry, make yourself a 10% blueberry raw mix and smile as you blast your taste buds with full blueberry flavor. . Just remember, if you love it, don’t be afraid to push it!