VSO Watermelon

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The sweet juicy taste of a watermelon running down your chin. Yep. It’s like that. 

This product may contain trace amounts of fructose from the natural extraction process

Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 4%

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring


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Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
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30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml

1 review for VSO Watermelon

  1. SessionDrummer

    **Watermelon (VSO) 5% (8-28-20)** — Here is ANOTHER VSO flavor that out of the gate had me immediately comparing to Medicine Flower. Not identical, but at least in the same ballpark. Tested this at 5% so it is a non-ultra, but, it was damned good at this weight. VERY smooth watermelon throughout the vape, with mid level sweetness, The more I vaped it, the more perfect the sweetness level seemed. Had plenty of red, with some white, and maybe a touch of rind, but only a touch. Very natural tasting (DUH), and best part was, NO SEEDS. Just to see what’s what, I may try it in my [Watermelon Explosion](https://vccalc.vapingcommunity.co.uk/recipe/1429) just to see what’s what. This WM had almost some honey/honeydew notes to it (but NO, not Honey, honey), and it worked to really fatten it out. Even though it’s not an ultra, it is damned good, and should be on your short VSO list. Handily a **9.8/10**.


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