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Concentrated flavoring.
This is a concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 4-8%
We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring
INGREDIENTS: PG, Ethanol, Natural Flavoring, Water

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30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml, 240 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml

4 reviews for VSO Custard

  1. lyndamariepyne

    VSO Custard- mixed 3% steeped a week. This is a rich creamy custard. There is a bit of eggy-ness but not too much. Little to no vanilla. This is a blank canvas on which to build. I got no off notes and doesn’t need a long steep like some other custards need to bloom. 3% wasn’t too much, in fact it could go 4-5% in a mix. It doesn’t overpower but it doesn’t underwhelm. You could use in addition to another custard or by itself and build with fruits, desserts, milkshakes. I used 3% in a mix with Custard Premium @ 2% in one mix and the other mix I used 4% vso and 2% VC (WF) I’ll definitely be purchasing a larger bottle. This is a good custard because it’s not vanilla forward. Like I said above, it’s a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. Another 10 ⭐️! Definitely enjoying this!

  2. Laura Kirklin (verified owner)

    I was glad to see Lynda’s review up there-I’ve been reading her reviews for a long time! That lady sure knows her flavors! I love it when she like juices that I want-I know it’s going to be good. This one is good, for sure. If you are a custard lover, too, buy this one now! You’ll be glad you did!

  3. Deb (verified owner)

    Steeped 2 weeks … 4% sft… I really like this! Didn’t think I would. It’s a nice rich custard, no vanilla, just a nondescript custard. So throw anything at it.. and make it your own.
    Great job Swags. Used all of my 30ml sft as is… Add 1-2% to your fav vanilla custard for extra richness. Great addition to cakes, shakes, yogurt, cheesecakes, fruits, just about anything. Delicious!

  4. SessionDrummer (verified owner)

    **Custard (VSO) 4% (5-31-22)** — Having sampled a few of VSO’s “creams”, and knowing the similarities between them, was interested to see if the Custard broke out of that, or not. It wasn’t really a break away Custard, meaning, it shared many similarities between the Barbarian, Sabayon, and the Spork Puddings. This presented as a fairly non-descript neutral custard, with some light egg, no vanilla to speak of, and a nice creamy mouthfeel. The egg was tastefully done, as to be just present but not overbearing. The neutral-ness of this one, completely opened up it’s uses, and would allow you to use it in places other heavy handed custards might not work out. This, like a few others I’ve tried thus far, had a velvety smoothness to it, that was starting to look like was fairly unique to VSO creams. I don’t know about the DAAP status of this one, but will check in with Shane on that. @4% it felt pretty good, with some headroom left to push higher if needed, and the below mid-level sweetness was a nice surprise. All in, this was a clean, neutral Custard that was light on the egg, and with a creamy, silky mouthfeel. Unique-ly placing this at a **9/10**.

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