Strawberry Donut

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This flavor is a fresh strawberry jam oozing out of the center of a generously powdered donut. This pairs nicely with a hot steaming VSO mocha.

Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

This is a one shot. Median use recommended at 14%.

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Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
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30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml

3 reviews for Strawberry Donut

  1. Sherri Underwood (verified owner)

    A very nice Strawberry Donut flavor. It’s smooth tasting a true to its description. If you like donuts this is a must buy.

  2. SessionDrummer (verified owner)

    **Strawberry Donut (VSO) 16% (9-7-20)** — This one took the entire 10ml bottle to try and get a grasp on it. For starters, it was very good, but I couldn’t decide if it was more of a SB Donut, or SB Cookie/Donut. It was missing any telltale yeast notes that often times accompanies “Doughnuts”, and there was no (YAY) Playdoh, so what it did have was a great bakery element that teetered between somewhat of a donut and yet, a cookie. Sweetness was mid level, and the overall mix tasted really good at this level. I deliberated as to missing out on some of the Donut, vs. the absence of heavy yeast or Playdoh, for rating this one. After finishing the entire tester, it continued to be obvious that this WAS indeed a great flavor/one shot, despite it not being overtly donut-y-ish. Finalizing this interesting one at **8/10**.

  3. lyndamariepyne (verified owner)

    Really really great! This is the best tasting doughnut I’ve had! No yeasty-ness to it. It depending on the temperature, I get light strawberry (less sb than spork) with almost a sweet biscuit/doughnut at higher temps and at lower temps I get more SB and less doughnut more biscuit. I really like this one, mixed at 18%.

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