VSO Sabayon

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Concentrated flavoring.
This is a concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 4-8%
We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring
INGREDIENTS: PG, Ethanol, Natural Flavoring, Water

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3 reviews for VSO Sabayon

  1. deb1003 (verified owner)

    This is a very unique flavor… The description is exact… Egg yolks, sugar, wine and savory flavors usually mustard or pepper… Which I think I’m picking up very slightly.. (Pepper not mustard)
    It’s like a thin custard sauce that is normally served over fresh fruit… That’s exactly what I get.. I don’t taste heavy wine just a touch..
    Sft at 3%.. only steeped 24 hrs and I get a thin custard sauce but I also get a slight vanilla ..very slight.. Not sure it’s in there it just might be me associating it with a custard.. I added vso Blueberry v2 at 2% to my sft just to get an idea with fruit ..Delicious! In a recipe I would drop the BB v2 lower and add other fruits.. It’s phenominal with the BB . BB on inhale with the Sabayon surrounding the Bluberries and both on exhale… I will play around with fruits and %’s. But I really like this flavor. It is truly different.

  2. SessionDrummer (verified owner)

    **Sabayon (VSO) 14% (12-4-21)** — Having never Sabayon-ed before, BUT, being a fan of everything creamy, pudding-y, custard-like, who better to dive into this one. Little to NO reviews out there, and let’s see if we can change that. Sabayon is an extremely simple, 3 (most times) ingredient sauce made from Egg Yolks, Sugar, and Wine. I’ve seen other derivations, but the aforementioned seems to be how it originated in Italy in the 1500’s. Not exactly a custard huh ? You have the egg yolks, but NOT a standard Custard recipe for sure. Diving into it, it was like a fresh new take (for me) on a custard-ISH flavor. Not meant to be a custard, but more like it, than many other things. I was immediately impressed by this one, as it was very unique to me, and it did present as fairly complex. It was not as thick as a custard, or heavy, which was actually NICE for a change, as you could thicken it up, if you needed to, but it wasn’t forced on you. It was still thick enough to keep you interested, and had good mouthfeel while doing it. The overall exact profile, was fairly hard to nail down (hence the complexity), but it had characteristics OF a custard, and maybe OF a pudding, but was neither, at the same time. Confused ?? Good. I’m sensitive to many things OVERLY eggy, and this one actually was NOT. I can’t tell if I was getting a hint of Marsala wine or not, but I’m thinking I was getting hnits of a light wine, which again, just made this one even more interesting. Creamy, and clean, but still thick enough to really keep the party going. Felt relaxed, but full at 14%, and sweetness was at about mid level, which suited this flavor. If you really needed a direct comparison, maybe a lighter custard-like, pudding-ish flavor, with some really interesting over/undertones, that didn’t overwhelm your senses, nor assault you with egg. Hell, I’m actually considering actually making some Sabayon sauce just to see how it tastes over real fruit, which by the way, this flavor would EXCEL at. I’m glad I skipped ahead to this one, in this 2nd series of One-Shots from VSO, as it was about impossible to fault, and like nothing I have on my racks now, which is saying something. It may not be a custard-killer, but it wasn’t trying to be, and for it’s namesake, I can’t go less than **9.9/10**.


  3. Laura Kirklin (verified owner)

    This flavor is like no flavor I’ve had before. It is so good, and it’s like a custard but not, like a cream but not exactly. It’s kinda like both of those, but with a bit of tang , some lovely sweetness, and a wonderful creaminess. I mixed it with the huckleberry, peach, and cherry flavors and I loved every one of them. I had never had Sabayon, but I think I need to!

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