VSO Corn

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Concentrated flavoring.
This is a concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 4-8%
We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring
INGREDIENTS: PG, Ethanol, Natural Flavoring, Water

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30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml, 240 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml

2 reviews for VSO Corn

  1. Deb (verified owner)

    This is for Corn and Cornmeal together.
    1.25% of each , with a bit of butter base and touch of sweetener.. Made an excellent, slightly sweet Cornbread. With the addition of VSO cranberry …Perfect for me since I make real Cornbread Casserole with homemade cranberry sauce during the holidays , it will be perfect with VSO Cranberry… Perfect holiday vape for me!

  2. SessionDrummer (verified owner)

    **Corn (VSO) 3% (11-25-21)** — Right out of the gate, I knew what this was. It wasn’t popped corn, creamy corn, canned corn, corn on the cob, it was s delicious KERNEL of corn. Wow, that was a surprise. Often times we are insulted with an AP “corny” solution, but since @SwaggyShane uses natural extracts, maybe this shouldn’t have been AS surprising. Clean, accurate, and somewhat light at 3%, and with nothing out of place to be found. A few clicks below mid level sweet, this one was a very clean corn. Half way through the test, I was kicking myself for having NOT picked up VSO’s Cornmeal at the same time. Because it was somewhat light at this percentage, I think you could bump it up maybe 1% just to see how it bloomed, but even still, at this weight, you knew what you had. Having a VERY small list of corns to compare to, this one was at, or near the top. If corn is what you want, and AP is not, this one will work wonders for you. If I get a chance to score the Cornmeal I will update this thread, and I encourage anyone else who does, to post it up as well. All in, a smartly done, clean corn kernel flavor from Shane. Nicely done. **9.65/10**.

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