VSO Flavors Sampler

Not sure where to start? Mix and match 5 15ml bottles to get things started.

Only one flavor bundle per order. Coupon codes do not apply to the sampler pack. 

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VSO Blueberry

Take a sun kissed Maine blueberry, and extract all of the beautiful flavor from it, and this is what you end up with.

VSO Strawberry

This strawberry flavor is a fresh from the strawberry patch. A little sweet, a little tart, and very juicy.

VSO Grape

Sweet and tart, fresh from the vine taste. A small floral backnote can be detected at higher ratios.

VSO Apple

This apple flavor has a sweet aroma, and a crisp refreshing taste. This flavor is naturally extracted at the peak of ripeness.

VSO Pumpkin

This is a simple, natural pumpkin flavor. No overbearing clove, or a ton of other spices.   Simple, straight forward pumpkin flavor.

VSO Red Raspberry

Fresh, ripe, red raspberry. Enough tart to stand up to anything you want to throw at it.

VSO Pear

We take a crisp, juicy, Bartlett Pear at the peak of ripeness, and extract every bit of flavor.

VSO Watermelon

The sweet juicy taste of a watermelon running down your chin. Yep. It’s like that.

VSO Cherry

The perfect balance of tart and sweet, all without the pit. Please note: this cherry flavor can become floral and medicinal above 3%.

VSO Blackberry

A wonderful dark berry flavor with a subtle hint of spice on the backend.

VSO Peach

The taste of summer, right at your fingertips. Sweet, and juicy with just the right amount of tang.

VSO Espresso

We take beans from a small estate in Harrar Ethiopia (now known as the Oromia region)  and roast them just past second crack. This provides you with a dark, full body taste with no burnt notes. If you are looking for a crisp, clean, unadulterated coffee flavor, look no further.

VSO Blood Orange

Tart, bright, and sweet, with a blast of juicy citrus.

VSO Bitters

Bitter orange with a zesty citrus punch.

VSO Banana

That quintessential tropical flavor filled with a fruity creaminess. No candy flavor. Just pure unadulterated natural banana flavor

VSO Black Currant 

A tart flavor backed by dark berry and earthy notes. Great by itself, or a great way to “jam” up fruit flavors.

VSO Lemon

Tart and bright with a fantastic zesty finish.

VSO Sweet

A proprietary blend of stevia, sucralose, and ethyl maltol. VERY SWEET!

VSO Sour

A couple of drops from this flavor enhancer will give you the pucker. Be moderate.

VSO Stevia

This is 100% natural liquid stevia. It is a 2% suspension in PG.


Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

These are concentrated flavorings and must be diluted before use. 

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring.

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VSO Apple, VSO Blueberry, VSO Grape, VSO Pear, VSO Pumpkin, VSO Red Raspberry, VSO Strawberry


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