VSO Flavors 30ml Flavor Bundle

Grab yourself a 30ml bundle of VSO Flavors. 10 30ml bottle 


VSO Apricot

A hint of sweetness, a touch of tartness with an underlying musky flavor.  Apricots marry well with just about anything, and brings a depth of flavor that is rivaled by nothing else.

VSO Apple

This apple flavor has a sweet aroma, and a crisp refreshing taste. This flavor is naturally extracted at the peak of ripeness.

VSO Apple (Green)

Granny Smith really packed a punch! This apple gives you a sweet and sour combination that goes famously with a nice caramel coating. A fantastic fall treat that is versatile enough to last all year.

VSO Banana

That quintessential tropical flavor filled with a fruity creaminess. No candy flavor. Just pure unadulterated natural banana flavor

VSO Basil

A member of the mint family basil has an aromatic green aroma with a slightly sweet licorice back note. Great with strawberries or tomatoes. Basil is great at cutting acidity and enhancing natural sweetness. You can also use it with melons to boost them up. One of the most versatile herbs in the game!

VSO Bitters

Bitter orange with a zesty citrus punch.

VSO Blackberry

A wonderful dark berry flavor with a subtle hint of spice on the backend.

VSO Black Currant

A tart flavor backed by dark berry and earthy notes. Great by itself, or a great way to “jam” up fruit flavors.

VSO Blueberry

Take a sun kissed Maine blueberry, and extract all of the beautiful flavor from it, and this is what you end up with.

VSO Blood Orange

Tart, bright, and sweet, with a blast of juicy citrus.

VSO Carrot

The carrot. A perfect root.   A subtle dance between sweet, fruity, and bitter.

VSO Cantaloupe

This melon is sweet and juicy and ready for a recipe to face the dog days of summer.

VSO Celery

Celery. A mild but assertive flavor. Sweet and salty with a lingering bitterness. Great with tomato to play along with the acidity and sweetness. Fantastic with peanut butter as well. I am sure there will be a bloody mary somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. 🙂

VSO Cherry

The perfect balance of tart and sweet, all without the pit. Please note: this cherry flavor can become floral and medicinal above 3%.

VSO Clove

Clove is a pungent and aromatic flavor with a strong astringent bitterness. An intense flavor synonymous with fall!

VSO Coconut

Tropical. Sweet. Nutty. A great addition to bakeries.

VSO Cranberry

One of the few fruits native to North America. Cranberries are sweet and tart and were a tasty treat offered to the Pilgrims by Native Americans when they first came to the new world. They soon became synonymous with Thanksgiving and have been a significant part of Thanksgiving meals for centuries!

VSO Cucumber

Cucumber is a unique, subtle flavor. Similar to melons. Goes great with mint, or in any melon medley.

VSO Espresso

We take beans from a small estate in Harrar Ethiopia (now known as the Oromia region)  and roast them just past second crack. This provides you with a dark, full body taste with no burnt notes. If you are looking for a crisp, clean, unadulterated coffee flavor, look no further.


The fig. Shrouded in mythology but full of flavor; a rich, creamy flavor with hints of honey.

VSO Grape

Sweet and tart, fresh from the vine taste. A small floral backnote can be detected at higher ratios.

VSO Guava

The guava comes from Mexico. The flavor is reminiscent of a mama strawberry and a daddy pear loving each other very much! A mild sweetness pairs well with the subtle acidity. Great balanced flavor with a blast of tropical flavor!

VSO Honeydew

Subtle melon flavor, light, and refreshing. Great with cucumber and mint for a crisp, clean creation.

VSO Huckleberry

Blueberry’s big brother. A more aggressive dark berry flavor with a fantastic tart finish. A small hint of wild abandonment with a refined sense of sweetness. Huckleberry is far more than just a little piece of pie!

VSO Juniper

Juniper is a tart pungent flavor with hints of citrus and pine. It is the main flavor component in most fine gins.

VSO Kiwi

Sweet, tart, and oh so tropical. Kiwi will add that perfect balance to any fruit on the sweeter side.

VSO Leather

The subtle, nuanced flavor and aroma of leather to add as an adjunct to your favorite recipe.

VSO Lemon

Tart and bright with a fantastic zesty finish.

VSO Lychee

Sweet, juicy, and tart with a hint of floral. Lychee is a unique flavor that will add that exotic touch to your recipes.

VSO Mango

Sweet, piney flavor with juice that runs down your chin. Ya, it’s kinda like that.

VSO Mint

This is your average cultivar of mint. The flavor and coolness are  directly in the middle of all the mints. Great for jellies and ice creams. Blends famously with your favorite chocolate.

VSO Papaya

The papaya comes from Mexico. A subtle taste of melon, with a little less sweetness. Presents with a crisp up front flavor and a slight creamy mouth feel.

VSO Peach

The taste of summer, right at your fingertips. Sweet, and juicy with just the right amount of tang.

VSO Pear

We take a crisp, juicy, Bartlett Pear at the peak of ripeness, and extract every bit of flavor.

VSO Peppermint

Pungent and spicy. Cool and refreshing. Peppermint can add a fantastic punch to beat the summer heat, or add a depth to a warm beverage to beat off the winter chills.

VSO Pine

Pine has a wonderful sharp flavor that is herbaceous and sweet. It goes very well with juniper and gin. Try a couple of drops in your next gin and tonic.

VSO Pineapple

Sweet, juicy, and tart. A fantastic addition to any tropical flavor, or great as a single flavor.

VSO Pink Grapefruit

A perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and tart. This flavor will brighten up any recipe. One of the best smelling flavors of all!

VSO Pomegranate 

The fruit of love. A bit astringent. Fruity. Woody. Sour. Pomegranate is an explosion of flavor that makes your taste buds sing!

VSO Pumpkin

This is a simple, natural pumpkin flavor. No overbearing clove, or a ton of other spices.   Simple, straight forward pumpkin flavor.

VSO Red Raspberry

Fresh, ripe, red raspberry. Enough tart to stand up to anything you want to throw at it.

VSO Rhubarb

Sweet and tart. Great by itself, but a complimentary flavor to a plethora of fruits.

VSO Sour

A couple of drops from this flavor enhancer will give you the pucker. Be moderate.

VSO Spearmint

Spearmint has a subtle nuanced flavor and fragrance. It is a little sweet and does not offer as strong a cooling effect as others in the mint family.

VSO Stevia

This is 100% natural liquid stevia. It is a 2% suspension in PG.

VSO Strawberry

This strawberry flavor is a fresh from the strawberry patch. A little sweet, a little tart, and very juicy.

VSO Sweet

A proprietary blend of stevia, sucralose, and ethyl maltol. VERY SWEET!

VSO Tomato

The Tomato. The best fruit ever found in vegetable land. Sweet, tangy and balanced. Great for beverages, or as a supporting base.

VSO Watermelon

The sweet juicy taste of a watermelon running down your chin. Yep. It’s like that.

VSO Wintergreen

A robust, complex, minty flavor. This flavor was so commonly used in teas, that it is alternately named Tea Berry. A great addition to a hot tea, a cold ice cream, or a complex chewing gum.


Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

These are concentrated flavorings and must be diluted before use. 

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring.

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