VSO Cinco de Mayo Bundle


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Cinco de Mayo special 15ml bundle

VSO Cilantro

Cilantro has a fresh, green, citrusy flavor with an underlying spice that comes  through in the end. Pair it with a great citrus and your recipe will be ready for any fiesta!

VSO Lime

The lime is bright and vibrant. A generous acidity with a lot of zest. The gentle balance of sweet and bitter make the lime a well rounded addition to any recipe.

VSO Red Chili

The red chili. The spice behind many recipes. A nice bite. Not too hot, not too cool. It is followed by a sweet acidity. Take a walk on the wild side and add a bit to your next chocolate recipe. You will be happy you did!

VSO Jalapeno

The crisp, green, herbaceous taste with a tiny bit of heat. Known by a few names: chiles gordos, huachinangos, cuaresmeños, or the most well known, jalapeño. The chile comes primarily from Mexico, and is a mainstay of most South of the Border dishes.

Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

This is concentrated flavoring and must be diluted before use Median range of use is 2%

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring


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