Spork Pudding: Strawberry Edition

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We take the Spork Pudding: Vanilla Edition, and add VSO Strawberry with a hint of sweetener to give you a treat with just a touch of tang.


Undiluted concentrated flavoring.

This is a one shot. Median use recommended at 17%

We cannot accept returns or exchanges on flavoring

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30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml

3 reviews for Spork Pudding: Strawberry Edition

  1. SessionDrummer

    **Spork Pudding Strawberry (VSO) 16% (9-6-20)** — 2nd Spork on deck, and wow, the Strawberry really works great in this one. I can detect many of the same elements from the Vanilla, but sometime unique happened when Shane imparted the SB in this one. It almost took on a shift towards a SB Milkshake. Not entirely, or even half way, but it’s a delicious shift. The SB is in the lead on the inhale, and the shake/custard/pudding is more pronounced on the exhale. This feels like a delicious pink SB cloud. To my tastes the almost shake-like shift was really a plus, and helped the overall experience. Like the vanilla, I didn’t get a traditional American Jello Pudding out of this, but the custard/pudding base can not be denied. Very satisfying vape at this testing weight, and sweetness felt a tick above mid level, and it worked well. All in, pushing this up a tick to **9.25/10**.

  2. Sinatra Beard (verified owner)

    I love this flavor on its own at 21% but I like it even better with some flavors added. I added strawberry ripe (tfa) at 4% natural wild strawberry by (ssa) 2.5% whipped cream (ssa) 3% and super sweet (capella) 1% . 70vg 30pg Give it a try you’ll thank me later. Great Flavor VSO

  3. lyndamariepyne

    I forgot I had this so this has been steeping 5 months. Great strawberry flavor! It’s a ripe sweet strawberry, not candied, no green, just a simple ripe strawberry. I’m not getting just pudding, I’m almost getting a bread pudding, but not heavy on the bread. I may be totally off, but it’s not a strawberry pudding by itself. Maybe a custard? It’s definitely different than I’ve had before. The texture is great, I’m really enjoying this one! Taste is definitely subjective, but I’ll be getting a bigger bottle. My VSO flavors never disappoint!

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